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360 Degree Evaluation and Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

Onur Ilkoz
January 30, 2024
5 min read
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One of the critical elements of moving an organization further than its current point is employee engagement. The best tool that contributes to both performance management and evaluating and improving employee loyalty is the 360-degree feedback system. 360-degree evaluation includes information from the manager, colleagues, subordinates, customers, etc. that an employee interacts with. It is an employee performance evaluation method that collects input from multiple stakeholders, including So, how do you think 360-degree evaluation contributes to increasing employee loyalty?

* Thanks to 360-degree evaluation, employees become aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, which we call self-awareness. Employees who become aware of their strengths will be more motivated, will try to improve their weaknesses, and thus will increase their loyalty to the company by ensuring high productivity.

* Employees will show high performance and remain loyal to the company by choosing appropriate development and training programs in the company in order to strengthen their weaknesses and improve themselves. An employee who can produce and transform himself positively will also contribute to the company's innovation.
Thanks to 360-degree evaluation, employees and team members will communicate and cooperate in order to improve their weaknesses. This cooperation and communication will increase employees' motivation and commitment to the workplace.

* One of the reasons why employees leave their jobs is that their voices are not heard and they are not listened to enough. As a result of 360-degree feedback, when managers take actions in line with their employees' words, employees will feel that they are listened to and cared for, their loyalty to the company will increase and they will contribute more to the growth of the company.

* Since 360 degree evaluation is not only for employees but also includes leaders and managers, it helps them see their weaknesses and improve them. By evaluating both managers and receiving multiple opinions from many sources, there will be a fair evaluation process, which will increase employee loyalty.

As we explained above, if you want to contribute to employee loyalty and your company with 360-degree feedback:

* First, start by asking the right questions.
* Identify competencies that fit your company's culture, strategy and goals.
* Add open-ended questions about competencies that can be developed at the end of the survey by defining behaviors for each area of expertise.
* When using 360 degree feedback to increase employee loyalty, the factor to consider is frequency. Collect regular and frequent feedback from your employees. It should not be forgotten that in the Gallup study, those who showed high levels of engagement compared to other employees were employees who received meaningful feedback "within the past week". If you want your employees to give frequent feedback and increase their loyalty, please contact us.

Onur Ilkoz
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