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Seven Key HR Metrics to Track

Onur Ilkoz
December 5, 2023
5 min read
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For a modern HR director, few things are more important than employee metrics. When you're responsible for dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of workers, you need hard data to understand your workforce. Focusing on key HR metrics, utilizing software to collect and evaluate those metrics in real-time, is what will lead to greater performance and efficiency. Which HR metrics will be most important to your success? These are a few that we suggest you focus on.Seven Key HR Metrics to TrackWhat are your hiring processes costing, per employee? This metric incorporates time-to-hire long with the cost variable, allowing you to quickly gauge the efficiency of your hiring processes in terms of currency.  2. Early turnover ratesThis HR metric is good for getting a handle on the overall organization's level of efficiency. Obviously, some employees (sales) will be more profitable than others (post-sale support) but this is great as a general benchmark of success.4. Engagement rating Absentee rates are important to track, but it's particularly important to look at them on a per-department or per-manager basis. If you see large discrepancies in absenteeism across the company, that points directly at problem areas to solve.6. Productivity indexSet key goals for training, and test to ensure all workers are meeting those goals. Know early on if your training is effective to prevent long-term issues.Buddy Brings You Real-Time HR Feedback‍

Onur Ilkoz
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