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Experience the power of our employee engagement platform with survey, instant feedback, recognition, and analytics modules.


Leverage the power of data to understand employee sentiment and drive positive change.


Get actionable insights to optimize your employee engagement strategies and boost productivity.


Engage your employees with our powerful Surveys

Collect valuable feedback from your employees with our easy-to-use survey tool. Gain insights and improve engagement.


Empower your employees with real-time feedback for seamless communication and growth

Our platform enables ongoing communication between employees and management, fostering a culture of collaboration and improvement.


Boost Morale and Celebrate Achievements with Personalized Recognition Programs

Recognize and reward outstanding performance with our gamification and rewards system. Encourage healthy competition, celebrate achievements, and boost morale with personalized recognition programs.


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Can modules be bought separately?

Yes, we are flexible. You can purchase each module stand-alone or make combinations according to your company’s needs.

How long does it take to launch the system?

We are fast! Depending on the number of modules and the number of employees you have, the average implementation time is between a couple of hours to five days.

Can we integrate Buddy with our HR system?

Yes, we can do the integration. All we need to do is meet with your technology team, define the integration type, and the required man-hours.

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