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Innovative Ways to Increase Employee Engagement with Surveys

Onur Ilkoz
May 21, 2024
5 min read
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Employee engagement is a critical factor that directly affects a company's success. When employees are committed to their jobs and companies, they are more productive, creative and dedicated to their work. At Buddy Performance, we enable you to discover innovative ways to increase employee engagement with surveys. Here are the important points and practices you should pay attention to in this regard:

1. Ensuring Anonymity and Security of Surveys

Employees may be hesitant to give honest feedback. Keeping surveys anonymous encourages employees to provide candid feedback in a safe environment. Anonymity allows employees to express themselves more freely and share real problems.

2. Conducting Regular and Continuous Surveys

Annual surveys may not be enough to measure employee engagement. Instead, conducting periodic and ongoing surveys gives you a more accurate understanding of employees' current thoughts and feelings. Buddy Performance supports you in conducting regular surveys by providing tools that make this process easier.

3. Fast and Actionable Feedback

After collecting survey results, it is important to quickly analyze and take action on this feedback. When employees see that their feedback is taken seriously and concrete steps are taken, their commitment to their company increases. Therefore, it is necessary to manage the process of evaluating feedback and quickly creating action plans well.

4. Creating Personalized Surveys

Different departments and positions may have different needs and expectations. By creating personalized surveys, you can better understand the specific needs of each unit and position. This makes employees feel valued and more likely to participate in surveys.

5. Communicating Openly and Transparently

Openly sharing survey results and changes based on these results with employees creates a transparent communication environment. Employees want to know that their feedback is taken into account and that the company is taking steps accordingly. Transparent communication builds trust and increases loyalty.

6. Using Innovative Technologies

With the advancement of technology, survey tools have also become more user-friendly and interactive. With the innovative survey solutions offered by Buddy Performance, collecting and analyzing your employees' feedback becomes easier and more effective. Thanks to mobile applications and integrated platforms, you can increase participation rates in surveys.

7. Supporting Employee Development

Surveys can be used not only to collect feedback but also to support employee development. Conduct surveys to determine the training and development programs employees need. This makes employees feel valued and increases their loyalty.

Increasing employee engagement with surveys requires a strategic and ongoing effort. As Buddy Performance, we offer solutions that make this process easier and more effective. By valuing your employees' feedback, you can increase their loyalty and satisfaction, thus increasing the overall success of your company. For more information and innovative solutions, visit our website and discover the power of surveys.

Onur Ilkoz
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