Performance Management

Data-Driven Performance Management: How is it Changing in 2024?

Volkan Şenol
January 29, 2024
5 min read
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In this chapter, we will discuss how 360-degree appraisal systems play a critical role in assessing employee performance from a broader perspective. The role of multidimensional feedback in data analysis and its impact on decision-making processes will be emphasised.

Data Analytics to Improve Employee Engagement‍

In this section, we will discuss how data analytics can improve employee engagement, and examine how data from surveys and feedback can influence employee satisfaction and engagement.

The Role of Data in Employee Satisfaction‍

In this section, we will discuss how data collection and analysis are vital to measuring and improving employee satisfaction. We will emphasise how data from satisfaction surveys and feedback can inform company policies.

Performance Management of the Future: Data-Driven Strategies‍

Finally, we will share our predictions for the future of data-driven performance management in 2024 and beyond. We will discuss how technological advances and data analytics will bring a new dimension to performance management.‍

In this article, we examined how data-driven performance management is developing in 2024 and how key concepts such as 360-degree evaluation, employee engagement and satisfaction play a role in this process. We observed that data has an increasing importance in decision making and strategy development in the business world. With Buddy, you can improve employee engagement with data-driven performance management‍

Volkan Şenol
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