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Listen your employees frequently, understand, and act on it.

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Great Place To Work recommends Buddy as a digital corporate culture and skills development application.

Create unlimited & frequent short surveys

Have an understanding of how people around you feel and what they think.
Create short, custom surveys to measure what matters to you.
Ask the right questions, to the right people, at the right time
Choose from our library of survey templates designed by data scientists or craft your own survey or poll.
Send the same surveys at regular intervals to track sentiment as the employee experience changes.

Collect voice of employees

Collect employee perspectives by asking fewer questions more regularly.
Contribute to a robust and accurate datasets on an ongoing basis.
Hear from your people in their own words. Use five different question types.
Filter comments by experience, use meritocracy to make the best decision.
Find out if your message is landing, programs are well-received.
Take action if more communication is needed.

Analyse data & take the best action

Take advantage of people science and apply science to your business
Gather data that powers better strategic business decisions and programs that impact employees.
Compare results from multiple surveys and identify significant changes instantly.
Track progress and trending movement over time.
Analyse survey results on a real-time basis & take actions.
Become a much more effective social organization

Create a culture that people love

Today’s revolutionaries are able to leverage frequent feedback as a new source to listen employees, increase performance, and enhance trust culture.


Everything you want to know about real-time feedback

Quick Surveys & Polls
Create surveys from to collect insights at anytime from mobile.
Competency Based Surveys
Competency Based Surveys: See the weighted results of your surveys based on expertise and competencies.
Pre-Defined Surveys
Use structured survey libraries categorized by issue types.
360° Approach
Collect insights from any level.
Communicate with your colleagues and managers frequently.
Ask the right questions, to the right people, at the right time.

Customer Stories

Read how successful companies are taking care of employees
Valley Date Venture Partners

Buddy is the one platform that focuses on team performance but most importantly also assists startups with the cultural aspects in the business and the market itself. In essence, Buddy takes care of the tangible and intangible aspects of a team.
Guillaume Kloof - Managing Partner

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Real-time feedback. Simple & fun.
Evaluate and develop your colleagues.
Inspire your employees.
Take action through machine learning & data analytics.


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Listen your employees frequently, understand, and act on it.