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Buddy Reward

Don’t let your rewards stuck in the past

Create personalized reward programs based on understanding each individual’s needs.
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Great Place To Work recommends Buddy as a digital corporate culture and skills development application.
Buddy Reward

Configure the Points Mechanism

Align rewards with preferences. Define type of behaviours and achievements to reward. Than define points & level structure.

Collect Points & Badges

Maintain continuous performance management. Based on your achievements and positive feedbacks collect points, badges or monetary rewards.

Convert Points & Badges to Rewards

Keep it personal. Based on your personal achievements, convert your points and badges to rewards to be spent on digital platforms.

Create a culture that people love

Today’s revolutionaries are able to leverage frequent feedback as a new source to listen
employees, increase performance, and enhance trust culture.


Everything you know about real-time feedbacks

Holistic Approach

Let your teams see the connection between organizational goals and their rewards.

Points Based Structure

Convert positive feedbacks & behaviours to points.

Automatic and Manuel Badges

Define algorithm based and manuel badges.

Visibility of Success

Recognize and make success of your teams visible through leader boards.

360° Approach

Ask & give feedbacks to your colleagues at a level.

Monetary and Non-monetary benefits

Retain your employees with alternative benefit packages.

Digital Reward Platforms

Spend your points through digital platforms.

Great Stories from Partners

Read how become a successfull companies taking care of employees

Valley Date Venture Partners

Buddy is the one platform that focuses on team performance but most importantly also assists startups with the cultural aspects in the business and the market itself. In essence, Buddy takes care of the tangible and intangible aspects of a team.

Guillaume Kloof

Managing Partner


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