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Real-time feedback. Simple & fun

People want to share thoughts, be listened, and grow their careers. The need for better data and greater transparency has increased. Enable your people to make their success visible.
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Great Place To Work recommends Buddy as a digital corporate culture and skills development application.
Buddy Listen

Define your organization & feedback areas

Feedback areas can be multiple categories like: values, strategic priorities, KPIs, competencies etc.

Ask & give real-time feedbacks

During your daily routines or special occasions (i.e. after a meeting, presentation, email etc.) ask & give timely, frequent, and actionable feedbacks.

Convert feedbacks to numeric data

Collect and convert feedbacks to numeric values that will help you analyze trends, engagement, development, and performance metrics.

Create a culture that people love

Today’s revolutionaries are able to leverage frequent feedback as a new source to listen
employees, increase performance, and enhance trust culture.


Everything you know about real-time feedbacks

Real Time

After your daily actions request & give feedbacks to your colleagues.

360° Approach

Ask & give feedbacks to your colleagues at a level.


Communicate with your colleagues and managers frequently, not a couple of times a year.


Customize your feedback preferrations according to your unique company culture.


Enhance learning agility with timely feedbacks.


Recognize success of your colleagues and motivate them.

Great Stories from Partners

Read how become a successfull companies taking care of employees

Valley Date Venture Partners

Buddy is the one platform that focuses on team performance but most importantly also assists startups with the cultural aspects in the business and the market itself. In essence, Buddy takes care of the tangible and intangible aspects of a team.

Guillaume Kloof

Managing Partner


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