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Dig into the data to understand trends and metrics

Monitor the growth and engagement of your employees over time
Support your decision making process based on verified data

Collect insights and take action to
build your culture and improve performance

  • Each employee has an access to the reporting dashboard
  • Individual users can see only their reports
  • Manager users (who are managing teams) can see their teams’ reportsSystem contains 3 major reports

Define the Organization

  • Organization
  • Units
  • Positions
  • Title Structure
  • Employees
  • Targets (skills, values, communication targets etc.)

Configure For Your Culture

  • Configurations are made based on “the company culture & preferations”
  • Feedback visibility configurations
  • Sender visibility configurations
  • Mandatory notes&comments conf.
  • Type of the feedback valuation conf.
  • Level structure conf.

Set Targets

  • Targets can be under different categories:
  • Skills
  • Values
  • Cultural targets
  • Communication targets
  • Different targets can be defined position based /title based / role based

Create Badges &
Badge Earning Rules

  • 2 Types of Badges:
  • Performance Badges
  • Game Badges
  • Badges can be defined based on the company culture and strategy
  • 11 Game badges defined already in the system
  • Ability to define&send manual badges


Know Your Company Culture

Build Trust

Build trust through 360 degrees communication between colleagues.


Frequently listen voice of your employees through feedback, pulse surveys, check-ins, and quick polls.


Enable your teams to exchange comments & ideas transparently.


Create a work environment that values and fosters high-performance through culture.


Create awareness on important issue like diversity, inclusion, sustainability.


Make your culture visible through numeric data, points, and badges.

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Read how become a successfull companies taking care of employees
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Read how become a successfull companies taking care of employees
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