Feedback from employees is vital not only for professional development but to ensure your team is motivated and invested in giving their best. Being a listening company fosters trust and high-performance culture at a workplace. That’s why offering employee feedback solutions is essential in developing a great corporate atmosphere. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg, so Buddy Performance wanted to highlight a few more reasons for you here about the importance of feedback in business.

1. Employees Value a Listening Culture

In many cases, studies have proven that employees value a corporate culture that listens to their concerns above compensation. Researches show that, employees tend to perform better when they feel their voice is important when making a management decision. Implementing periodic and pulse surveys to listen employees or investing in anonymous social media tools to enable employees to address their concerns can help you maintain a great team.

2. Failure to Listen Can Cost You

Not listening to feedback can result in decreased morale among team members, which can quickly translate into lost revenue due to employee errors, higher employee turnover, poor decision making, and lack of motivation. However, when soliciting employee feedback, it’s important to do so in a manner that makes them feel comfortable.

3. Employee Listening is Essential to Strong Leadership

Want to improve the corporate culture at your business? One of the best ways is listening to and addressing employees’ concerns. Translating listening skills into effective management skills means listening to what your team is saying and putting plans into action to address those concerns.

4. Supervisors Listen to Employees with Higher Status or More Tenure

One reason why listening to all of the feedback from your employees is important is because sometimes, you might not be hearing the entire story. Often, you may have a bias where you focus on employees with more time or higher standing in your company and miss some important feedback.

5. Not Listening to Employees will Sap Their Motivation

If you’re trying to foster a strong sense of engagement among team members, ignoring their concerns or listening to them and not implementing any actionable solutions will quickly zap their motivation. As mentioned above, this will soon result in some serious problems if not addressed, like loss of sales and revenue, and even higher employee turnover.

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