Become a better version of yourself.

We are passionate about maximizing human potential by helping you listen, understand, and act through people insight.

At Buddy, we live our mission. We are good people who listen to others, understand their needs, find solutions and take action. We strive to make our company a workplace that offers a workplace environment that everybody loves. Let us do the same for you. Let us help you become a workplace where all your employees want to become a better version of themselves.

Founded in 2018 and launched the MVP in 2019

Our founders built Buddy on the idea that companies can only make a difference with their people and culture.

Yes, we do love data but also know that

People are not just a data. So we create as much people data as possible through employee feedback but back the data with people science.

We are feedback obsessed

Our favourite action is to make feedback simple & fun. We use technology to overcome feedback need of the humanity.


Living the Values

Listen & Empathize
We share thoughts, listen others and understand different perspectives.
Learn & Develop
We develop ourselves for a brighter future.
Be Funny & Have Fun
We focus sense of humour to make our work life unforgettable.

Create a culture that people love

Today’s revolutionaries are able to leverage frequent feedback as a new source to listen employees, increase performance, and enhance trust culture.


Become a better workplace

Build Trust
Build trust through 360 degrees communication between colleagues.
Frequently listen voice of your employees through feedback, pulse surveys, check-ins, and quick polls.
Enable your teams to exchange comments & ideas transparently.
Create a work environment that values and fosters high-performance through culture.
Create awareness on important issue like diversity, inclusion, sustainability.
Make your culture visible through numeric data, points, and badges.

Great Stories from Customers

How successful companies are taking care of employees?
Valley Date Venture Partners

Buddy is the one platform that focuses on team performance but most importantly also assists startups with the cultural aspects in the business and the market itself. In essence, Buddy takes care of the tangible and intangible aspects of a team.
Guillaume Kloof - Managing Partner


Ready to analyze your company culture ?

Your brand is your promise to your customers. Culture shapes attitudes and behaviours to be shown when delivering that promise.